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What MurXkraftwerk wants and is

Submitted by Murxredaktion on Sun, 01/07/2018 - 13:47

Murxkraftwerk is an independent, international working internet platform that seeks to gather information on environmental protection and human rights around the world to highlight the oppression of ordinary people by corporations around the world. Murxkraftwerk consists of a small, volunteer team of people from Graz, Vienna, Carinthia and Spain.

If you also have talents (for example, translation into other languages, research, writing articles, documentation, editing contributions, etc.) that you would like to contribute continuously and consistently, then you have come to the right place! We look forward to you!

Poster campaign: Please don't obstruct the future of our children!

Submitted by Murxredaktion on Mon, 06/19/2017 - 14:59

Mur Power Station: Creating A Critical Public

Please, support our campaign for the creation of a critical public!

Dear fellow campaigners!

I have already tried before the elections to make contributions to the best of my ability. On February 6th, which was the blackest day of my life for me, it was clear to me that I will try everything in order to make this disastrous destruction of nature and the waste of tax money pertaining to it the subject of discussion and to prevent it with the help of other fellow beings.

From this day on I have handed out countless leaflets, have hung up posters, have joined meetings, have documented with photos and videos, have written articles and info sheets. During this time I also had to realize that there are still so many uninformed or credulous people living in this town despite the large amount of enlightenment. These people have to be shaken up urgently so that they realize what this construction will actually mean for them, for their children and their future.

I have experienced that many people who wanted to take action have given up because everything was going too “slow” for them or they didn’t know what to do of the many things that are to be done, as the operating authorities of the construction always seem to be one step ahead which is not really a surprise, if you see how they positively buy everything by sponsoring, adorn every activity in this way with their logo, falsify contents and flood with their ideologies. This all happens at the expense of the consumers and tax payers as well who help to finance glossy advertising, bulk mail and many other things without being asked.

As someone who is artistically active it was fairly soon reasonable to hold up a mirror to all companies involved, to the politicians who are doing the groundwork and above all to the “money”, and to try to use the same decadent means; but this time, financed freely, independently and above all on one’s own volition.

The question as to how this can be translated into action was soon settled for me. A 16-sheet of paper placard should be the best way to do it. A placard as big and as stroppy as one used for an election and an appropriate information campaign which would include everything which was, everything which is and everything which will be in a structured way, so as to make the own search and finally the own contribution palatable and logical to curious people.

A title for the slogan and the website was found soon. Because of the fact that the construction is a pretty ‘botch-up’ (for which the German word is ‘Murks’ with an informal spelling ‘Murx’), the placard and the website as well have now (see attachment) the title “murXkraftwerk” ( For the very reason that this botch-up involves ecological and economic damages which will also be on the mind of our children and which will accompany them for a lifetime, there is a child on the placard laughing and one can read the slogan “Don’t botch my future!” (which should be understood as a demand not to burden this (and other) young lives and to get people doing something about it). To encourage citizens who are still indecisive, wrongly informed but also very energetic, to assist, there is also the invitation: “Get active yourself, otherwise it will fail!”

The publication of the placard takes place on Monday, 19th June 2017. From then, 20 large-sized placards are to be seen for one month (!!!!) at different places of the town (the best places were carefully chosen from the free places to hang them and are to be found in the attachment). It would be fine if these could be observed and checked a little bit by fellow campaigners living in the vicinity so that spoiling or damages can be immediately documented and repaired respectively! Whoever is able to offer his help, please do report to me and tell me which locations you will keep a close eye on.

At the same time the website goes online. All that is worth knowing will be taken up. The website is bilingual and offers the opportunity to register for the newsletter. It has an appointments diary in which all appointments will be entered and there are plans that a chance for forum or group discussions will be offered.

I express my VERY THANKS this way to all those who have made this project possible with their ideas, their active support and their financial means!!!

Currently our donation pot amounts to 390 euros. We will make the progress of donations clear on our website by means of a “thermometer”.

I ask all those who want to contribute in order to support the project financially for a donation into the account AT18 3800 0000 0026 5124, which is in my name, reference “Plakat”.

In solidarity!

Full spead ahead!

Karin Rausch = Betty Baloo

Mur Power Station Graz: What Politics and Media do not tell You!

Submitted by Murxredaktion on Sun, 06/18/2017 - 19:20

Did you know that

  • there is already now a reserve of electricity production available to the amount of 90 to 130 per cent of the actual use according to the official supervisory authority ‘E-Control’? This is far more than the internationally usual reserve of 15 to 20 per cent.

  • ... that every further Mur power station increases electricity costs by its construction alone because we all have to pay interest and compound interest for the building credits.

  • … that nature which has remained so far is permanently damaged in its grown ecology and irretrievably destroyed?

  • … that accruing interest from this construction will also be paid by us in the form of an increase of taxes and fees (e.g. parking fees and fines, fares for public transport, fees for refuse collection, etc.)?

  • … that the current power consumption is artifically boosted in order to justify the power station?

  • … that investor projects which intend to privatize or take down existing subsidized housing as well as to use green spaces for building are being prepared, in order to build new “dwelling landscapes”. These will be prohibitively expensive!

  • … that the town of Graz has particularly for this purpose raised the density used for building in the land use plans?

  • … that the high-praised greenbelt recreational area is expensively rented out to wealthy leaseholders and which will then not be accessible for free? (See also ‘Schwarzl See’!)

  • … that electric power is far from ‘100% green’ because of the equipment and building materials used (vast amount of concrete and steel)?

  • … that the central collecting channel which costs 84 million euros approximately is “necessary” just because the town council did not build rainwater channels even in the case of new developments (170 kilometres), although these are stipulated by law (!) and surpluses have been used in a way in which it was not intended to be used?

  • … that it is not you who will profit from the Mur power station but the banks, building and electricity combines, politically filled supervisory boards and dwelling speculators?

Please question in time what television and the newspapers are telling you! In the last couple of days many things have not been told at all in order not to set you thinking and not to make you furious! You are sold visions which make you part with your hard-earned money without the slightest intention to give you more comfort or security!

Whoever protects the Mur, protects himself!

We are not to let anyone make our decisions for us! Let’s fight together against the series of robberies of the combines!

Please take your time in your own interest and have a look at further information about the statements made: * * – E-Control: Österreich braucht nicht mehr Kraftwerke – Bürgermeister Nagl 2008 gegen die Murkraftwerke! – Spekulationsprojekt… (at the very bottom)

P.S.: This is a private leaflet financed by own means. It uses the right of freedom of information according to article 10 European Human Rights Convention!


Solidarity knows no bounds

Submitted by Murxredaktion on Thu, 08/03/2017 - 12:04

Naturally, people don’t necessarily show solidarity on our numerous information campaign tours in the town. Many of the fellow citizens living nearby think they are well-informed. Many people think that what is happening now is necessary and correct and believe that politicians have decided the best thing for everyone anyway. All of these people accept a construction site which will be there for years because they like the prospect of recreation, regulated ways and energy safety.

How many times are we publicly denounced as lunatics whom the electricity should be switched off instantaneously, just because we critically examine this construction together with the political procedure and the consequences that lay in store for us?

How pleasant is it then when people come to be deeply sympathetic, to inform themselves, to ask how they can contribute, taking information material with them, voluntarily signing the petition to Pope Francis without belonging to the same faith, showing solidarity from Slovenia to Thailand, sharing new information without special request in their mailing lists, writing encouraging letters, giving financial support or strengthen us with an embrace in order to express their acknowledgement.

How pleasant is it, too, when people (whom we sometimes clumsily explain the circumstances in a foreign language) come up to us all by themselves or network with us and show solidarity (like Andreja from Slovenia or Roberto from France), because they know that this problem isn’t a regional problem anymore, but concerns almost all rivers in this world.

Recently, Lisl has come up to our stand and has told us that the rivers in her home country are endangered as well. We hope, Lisl, that you have returned well to New Zealand. We thank you for the nice conversation and publish in commemoration the picture taken on the occasion of your stay in Graz. It shall be a sign for the fact that solidarity knows no bounds.

If you want to show solidarity as well, then take the many opportunities to get active by yourself. Contribute according to your talents. Become a member of the editorial team of “Murxkraftwerk”. Write your own articles or investigate for articles. Collect, archive and answer reports from the media. Be an interface for the cooperation with other non-profit organizations. This and many other things, we wish for!


Open letter to Pope Francis

Submitted by Murxredaktion on Sun, 07/16/2017 - 13:11

Raising the voice against the destruction of environment and nature in Graz by the Mur power station Puntigam

BIG JUMP in Graz: everybody has a right to a clean and streaming River Mur!

Submitted by Murxredaktion on Sun, 07/09/2017 - 15:35

Citizens of Graz jump into the River Mur

(Graz, July 9, 2017) Dozens of dedicated citizens of Graz gathered at the right side of the river where our Murcamp 3.0 is located, for a collective jump into the river to draw attention across Europe to the threatening natural disaster unleashed by the construction of the Mur power plant Graz, and the gigantic sewage/rainwater storage pipe which is up to 10 meters deep.

Both projects cost an arm and a leg (up to 200 million EUR) and will increase the debts of the city of Graz to 1.6 billion or 5,600 Euro per resident of Graz from toddlers to the elderly.

Beneficiaries of this project are the construction industry and the companies involved in the erection of an uneconomical power plant whereas citizens will lose a unique recreational area by the riverside and a piece of nature in the heart of the city with about 8,000 trees to be cut in the 2nd stage of this project although they help reducing fine dust, a problem which has been suffocating Graz for years already.

On July 3rd, 2017, our second camp was cleared by police and security forces which, as it seems, was done without a legal basis. Given that expropriation is still going on in certain areas (Langedelwehr Graz) this European event is an opportunity to call attention to a looming natural disaster and to a disregard of democracy throughout Europe.

We are glad to be the first in Austria to take part in this event and sent our BIG JUMP picture to the European coordination center of this event, pointing out the current situation and threat of destruction of nature and a river.

A delegation of our activists also joined our Slovenian fellow campaigners at the Weitersfeld Jump as an act of international solidarity at the Austrian-Slovenian border.

Together, the call for the implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) will be heard louder!

For more information on the Big Jumps, please visit:

Background Information:

Photo: Franz Keppel

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