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Poster campaign: Please don't obstruct the future of our children!

Submitted by Murxredaktion on Mon, 06/19/2017 - 14:59
Murx Power Station Graz: Please dont obstruct my future!

Mur Power Station: Creating A Critical Public

Please, support our campaign for the creation of a critical public!

Dear fellow campaigners!

I have already tried before the elections to make contributions to the best of my ability. On February 6th, which was the blackest day of my life for me, it was clear to me that I will try everything in order to make this disastrous destruction of nature and the waste of tax money pertaining to it the subject of discussion and to prevent it with the help of other fellow beings.

From this day on I have handed out countless leaflets, have hung up posters, have joined meetings, have documented with photos and videos, have written articles and info sheets. During this time I also had to realize that there are still so many uninformed or credulous people living in this town despite the large amount of enlightenment. These people have to be shaken up urgently so that they realize what this construction will actually mean for them, for their children and their future.

I have experienced that many people who wanted to take action have given up because everything was going too “slow” for them or they didn’t know what to do of the many things that are to be done, as the operating authorities of the construction always seem to be one step ahead which is not really a surprise, if you see how they positively buy everything by sponsoring, adorn every activity in this way with their logo, falsify contents and flood with their ideologies. This all happens at the expense of the consumers and tax payers as well who help to finance glossy advertising, bulk mail and many other things without being asked.

As someone who is artistically active it was fairly soon reasonable to hold up a mirror to all companies involved, to the politicians who are doing the groundwork and above all to the “money”, and to try to use the same decadent means; but this time, financed freely, independently and above all on one’s own volition.

The question as to how this can be translated into action was soon settled for me. A 16-sheet of paper placard should be the best way to do it. A placard as big and as stroppy as one used for an election and an appropriate information campaign which would include everything which was, everything which is and everything which will be in a structured way, so as to make the own search and finally the own contribution palatable and logical to curious people.

A title for the slogan and the website was found soon. Because of the fact that the construction is a pretty ‘botch-up’ (for which the German word is ‘Murks’ with an informal spelling ‘Murx’), the placard and the website as well have now (see attachment) the title “murXkraftwerk” ( For the very reason that this botch-up involves ecological and economic damages which will also be on the mind of our children and which will accompany them for a lifetime, there is a child on the placard laughing and one can read the slogan “Don’t botch my future!” (which should be understood as a demand not to burden this (and other) young lives and to get people doing something about it). To encourage citizens who are still indecisive, wrongly informed but also very energetic, to assist, there is also the invitation: “Get active yourself, otherwise it will fail!”

The publication of the placard takes place on Monday, 19th June 2017. From then, 20 large-sized placards are to be seen for one month (!!!!) at different places of the town (the best places were carefully chosen from the free places to hang them and are to be found in the attachment). It would be fine if these could be observed and checked a little bit by fellow campaigners living in the vicinity so that spoiling or damages can be immediately documented and repaired respectively! Whoever is able to offer his help, please do report to me and tell me which locations you will keep a close eye on.

At the same time the website goes online. All that is worth knowing will be taken up. The website is bilingual and offers the opportunity to register for the newsletter. It has an appointments diary in which all appointments will be entered and there are plans that a chance for forum or group discussions will be offered.

I express my VERY THANKS this way to all those who have made this project possible with their ideas, their active support and their financial means!!!

Currently our donation pot amounts to 390 euros. We will make the progress of donations clear on our website by means of a “thermometer”.

I ask all those who want to contribute in order to support the project financially for a donation into the account AT18 3800 0000 0026 5124, which is in my name, reference “Plakat”.

In solidarity!

Full spead ahead!

Karin Rausch = Betty Baloo