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Owner and editor:

Media Austria, Association to promote free media, culture and communivation

Krottenbachstrasse 40/9/6, A-1190 Vienna, Austria


Chairwoman: Mag. Traude Korosa
Treasurer: Mag. Ing. Martin Mair
Clerk: Thomas Herzel

Editorial Board of

Martin Mair
Karin Rausch

Bank Account:

AT82 6000 0754 5963 bei BAWAG PSK Bank

Editorial direction:

Critical reporting and discussion around the Mur power station Graz Puntigam and other forms of tax evasion and political corruption. Contributions marked with a name do not have to correspond with the editor's opinion!

Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights also applies here. Diversity of information and opinion welcome!

Place of jurisdiction of this website: Vienna (Austria)